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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Soul Beat - Street Children

This issue of Soul Beat features some awesome radio, street theatre and other programs for kids living in the "rough."

The Soul Beat - Issue 24 - Street Children
September 8 2004

from the SOUL BEAT AFRICA partnership - Soul City and The Communication Initiative - Africa editorial and network partner SANGONeT

...African choices...critical voices...crossing borders...African Stories...


This issue of The Soul Beat focuses on information from our network about programmes for children and youth living or working on the streets, and resources for people involved with such programmes.


1. Street Youth Radio Programme - Mozambique
Community Media for Development and GOAL Mozambique worked with a group of street youth to develop radio programmes to address issues of HIV/AIDS, women's rights, children's rights, and other issues affecting youth. Songs, skits, and messages were written, recorded and produced into a series of audio programmes in Portuguese and Shangani. These were distributed to community radio stations for broadcast, and also used to interact with youth groups. A corresponding activity book in Portuguese is available for literacy programmes.
Contact Daniel Walter OR Christian Brun

2. Children at Risk from HIV/AIDS - Ethiopia
Working in three areas of Addis Ababa with approximately 5000 street children at risk, the project aims to reduce the rate of HIV/AIDS infection amongst Ethiopian street children and the community through education about safe sex. Peer educators are trained to share their knowledge with others in organised support groups and with their friends on the streets. Project organisers say some children have also developed the necessary skills to train other boys and girls to become peer educators.

3. Shangilia Mtoto wa Afrika (Rejoice Child of Africa) - Kenya
This Christian programme focuses attention on Kenyan street children through theatre. The project uses drama, acrobatics, singing, dance, and martial arts demonstrations to help raise money for a street children‚s home as well as to raise awareness of their situation. The theatre production also aims to help the children realise their potential and increase self-esteem.
Contact Larry Kitchel

4. Promote Peace & Reconciliation - Sierra Leone
Aims to promote national reconciliation in post-conflict Sierra Leone by improving the rights of girl-mothers, street boys likely to have been child soldiers, children displaced during the civil war and girls used as sex slaves by the rebels. The project promotes the reintegration of girl-mothers and street children into society, and, where possible, reunification with their families. It seeks to increase understanding and change attitudes by working with the families and communities of the young people. Media campaigns are incorporated into the project, raising awareness and encouraging discussion via local radio broadcasts, leaflets, billboards and articles in newspapers and on the Internet.

5. Beautiful Gate - South Africa
Based in Cape Town, street outreach, residential and community outreach programmes aim to build community awareness about the street child issue, build networks between organisations in order to facilitate street work and engage with children living on the street. Children are given a home environment that offers physical, emotional and spiritual care, as well as educational assistance, sport and recreational activities.
Contact Peter & Dalene Schultz OR

6. Baabas - Uganda
140 "Baabas" - street youth elected by their peers (a Baaba is a respected older brother or sister who advises and guides his/her younger siblings) were trained in HIV/AIDS and sexual health issues, as well as participatory teaching methods. Role-plays, drama, song, dance and poetry are used. Role-plays have been a popular teaching medium from the first training workshop, becoming a standard teaching method in HIV prevention clubs run by Baabas for other street children. Typically, they introduce a topic, raise ideas for discussion or demonstrate a life-skill. Role-plays grab attention and are ideally suited to the target audience, some of whom have few reading skills and short attention spans.
Contact Mark Adams


Last chance to register for EE4 - The 4th International Entertainment-Educational Conference for Social Change - to be held in Cape Town, South Africa September 26 - 30. Visit or contact Phillipa Tucker

To learn more about entertainment-education (or Edutainment) please visit the Soul Beat Africa Edutainment section



7. The Story of Children Living & Working on the Streets of Nairobi: Linking Research to Action & Advocacy
by Women Educational Researchers of Kenya (WERK), SNV/Kenya and German Technical Cooperation (GTZ)
The study set out to generate useful information, both quantitative and qualitative, for project planning by service providers of street children in Nairobi. It aimed to map out the situation of street children up to the age of 18 in different areas of Nairobi, distinguish the proportions of the different categories of street children, give the children an opportunity to express their views and provide partner organisations with a situational analysis.

8. Africa's Orphaned Generations
This report outlines the context and current situation of children orphaned by HIV/AIDS in Africa, examines the impact of orphaning on families, communities, and on the orphans themselves, and describes a framework for priority actions that includes community mobilisation, sharing of information, and raising awareness of the issues on a regional and global scale. The report also recommends interventions that would encompass more than the material needs of families caring for orphans.


Positive Nation, a magasine dedicated to HIV and sexual health is distributed to over 5000 subscribers within and outside Nigeria. They are calling for stories from organisations about successful interventions and from PLWHA who may wish to share their experiences. Subscription to Positive Nation magasine is free.
Contact 21 Warehouse Road, Apapa, Lagos or



9. Boy Called Twist [Film]
by Tim Greene
This film tells the story of a street kid, from Cape Town, South Africa, based on Charles Dickens' classic novel, Oliver Twist. Oliver of the book becomes Twist, a Muslim boy, who is brought up in an orphanage. Twist is bought and put to work in the vineyards of the Western Cape, but escapes to Cape Town, where he lives as a street child. The film covers issues including child abuse, xenophobia and racism. It follows the plot of the classic novel, Oliver Twist, but is situated in the context of the life of street children in South Africa.

10. Street Children in Kenya: Voices of Children in Search of a Childhood
by Philip Kilbride, Collete Suda and Enos Njeru
This publication examines the experiences of street children in Nairobi, Kenya. The book's initial chapters introduce the methodology and background for the study, including a description of the study's setting and relevant information on the communities studied. "Street children and young mothers have become part of the landscape in most Kenyan cities and towns and many Kenyans are fearful of street children and perceive them as criminals."

11. Children of AIDS: Africa's Orphan Crisis
by Emma Guest
Explores how governments, charities and families are responding to the crisis of millions of orphaned children. This publication contains first-hand testimonies and gives insight into the reality of day to day life for the street orphans, care-takers, volunteers, doctors and family members living through the crisis across South Africa, Zambia and Uganda. The many ways families are coping with the strain of the epidemic are looked at including childcare projects, fostering schemes and orphanages; the benefits and difficulties of international involvement; and the prospects for children living on the streets or in child-headed families.


12. African Youth Conference: Building an African Youth Movement - Mar 12 2005 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The organisers are inviting participation from African youth organisations, youth organisations of churches; organisations that primarily work with youth; and youth who want to make a contribution to the unification of African people and all youth in general.

13. World Youth Quest for Peace 2004 - Oct 23-28 2004 - Nairobi, Kenya
It is estimated that 2000 youth leaders from around the world will gather to discuss issues of poverty, health, HIV/AIDS, violence, development, environmental degradation, and peace building.


- puppetry performances educate people of all ages about health and development-related issues such as immunisation, drug abuse, gender issues, refugees, street children, conservation, and corruption.

15. Children in Need Network (CHIN)
- network of NGOs, Community-Based Organisations and Government departments working with orphans and children in need in Zambia

16. MAGIC - Media Activities and Good Ideas by, with, and for Children
- hosted by UNICEF, this site showcases media projects involving children and youth, providing background information, links, and contacts.


17. Firelight Foundation
The mission of the Firelight Foundation is to support children in need. Their focus is children affected by AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. They give one-year grants of US$500 to US$10,000 to community-based initiatives that work directly and effectively to support the fundamental needs and rights of children (from birth to 21 years) orphaned or affected by HIV/AIDS. Deadline Oct 15


The Soul Beat is a partnership between:

Soul City and its partners - The Royal Netherlands Embassy, Development Cooperation Ireland, European Union, DFID, and BP

and The Communication Initiative Partnership - BBC World Service Trust, CFSC Consortium, The CHANGE Project, CIDA, Exchange, FAO, Ford Foundation, Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs, OneWorld, The Panos Institute, PCI, The Rockefeller Foundation, Soul City, The Synergy Project, UNAIDS, UNICEF, USAID, WHO.

The Soul Beat seeks to cover the full range of communication for development activities. Inclusion of an item does not imply endorsement or support by The Partners.

Please send material for The Soul Beat to the Editor - Deborah Walter


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